Volume 5 - Issue 2

Volume 5 - Issue 2


  1. An Efficient Water Usage Drip Irrigation System for Multiple Crop Cultivation based on IoT

Sathiyapriya. K and Banumathi. A

ABSTRACT: Agriculture is a backbone of Indian Economy. Nowadays, many modern agricultural systems are developed. Internet plays a vital role in the agricultural world. The proposed design presents a combination of autonomous agricultural control system with Internet which makes the agriculture process through Internet of Things (IoT). An IoT based drip irrigation system is proposed for multiple crop cultivation. The proposed design uses a Raspberry Pi IoT module to control the unit. Soil moisture sensor, Temperature sensor and Light sensor monitor the moisture content, temperature and illumination status respectively. The current status of the sensing and controlling unit will be updated to the user via TCP Tool. Python 2.7.9 is used as front end design.

2. Simulators for Vehicular Adhoc Network (VANET) Development

Unnamalai. L and Mohana Priya.M

ABSTRACT: The rapid growths of on-road vehicles are the key factor of accidents. In that most of accidents are caused by human mistakes. To reduce this, a method is proposed based on vehicular adhoc networks (VANET). Networking and mobility are the important parameters while designing a VANET. In proposed design mobility Components are focused and discussed. MATLAB and simulation of urban mobility (SUMO) are further used for VANET simulation. On other hand TraC14 MATLAB (Application programming interface) developed in MATLAB which provides communication between all application written in MATLAB and SUMO.